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"Compartiendo la Cultura de la Inmensa Minoría"

Compartiendo la Cultura de la
Inmensa Minoría

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Invitation to participate in the drawing concourse ‘This is my Mexico’. We talk about the subject with Rebeca Aguilar, coordinator of educational programs of the Consulate General of Mexico in Chicago. Luis Adrián Sosa Morales talks about the activities of the Mobile Consulate. (Podcast is in Spanish)  

In “Al MedioDía” with Salvador España We spoke with Rogelio López, President of Hispanic Business Network and with Nancy Pulecio Vélez, member of the Board of Directors of the CSO Latino Alliance and Director of the radio program “Ciencia y Espiritualidad”(Science and Spirituality) about the concert of Chucho Valdés and Gonzalo Rubalcaba in Chicago . We present this and other interviews in “Al MedioDía” (Podcast are in Spanish)

In Al Mediodía con Salvador España We were visited in our studio of Spanish Public Radio by Alfonso Treviño, president of the Fi Iota Alpha Fraternity of Illinois. The association is celebrating with a gala dinner its 86th Anniversary and the winner of the scholarship “La Beca Phiota”. Find out the details in this interview. We also invite you to listen to other programs Al Mediodía

 Jalisco Without Borders Project In Almediodía With Salvador España: Jalisco Sin Fronteras is an exhibition of eight emerging artists from Guadalajara Jalisco. An initiative of the plastic artists Shuta Ruelas and Paul Lozano. Being an exhibition managed by the consulate of Mexico in Chicago Illinois with the purpose of projecting the emerging plastic arts of Guadalajara Jalisco to its artists in an international panorama of artist participation. Also participating in this interview are the plastic artists Felipe Alfaro, Juan Barragán and Mario Gastelum, Assistant of Cultural Affairs of the Consulate General of Mexico in Chicago. Link: (Podcast is in Spanish)