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Compartiendo la Cultura de la Inmensa Minoría

Compartiendo la Cultura de la
Inmensa Minoría

CYE with Ferney Ramirez

CYE with Ferney Ramirez

BANNER FERNEY RAMIREZNancy Pulecio Vélez interviews FERNEY RAMIREZ HERNANDEZ, Philosopher, Psychologist and Teacher in Occupational Health who highlights the fundamental points that each of us as parents or mothers must know how to handle since our children are born.

For some it seems easy. But once the children reach certain ages, especially at adolescence, it is when we understand the fundamental needs that we should have known and handled since we gave the creation in our body to each of our children.

Do we really know the inheritance left by our parents in each one of us? This is another of the important points addressed in this program.

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