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Compartiendo la Cultura de la Inmensa Minoría

Compartiendo la Cultura de la
Inmensa Minoría

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Cafe Expresso A program of conversation with people from all walks of life hosted by Alberto Foncerrada UNAM Chicago´s Cultural and Inter-institutional Liaison  

Bienestar Emocional(Emotional Wellbeing), a program in which the psychologist Miroslava Ramírez offers us information to live a full life. Dr. Ramírez is a clinical psychologist, master in couples therapy. Specialist in cognitive behavioral therapy for adolescents and children and a doctor in education and human resilience. We invite you to listen this series of podcast of Emotional Wellness Listen to Bienestar Emocional Tuesday 10 am and 5 pm and Saturday 10:30 am,  CT.

Bienestar Emocional Un programa de SPR en el cual la psicóloga Miroslava Ramírez nos ofrece información para vivir una vida plena.  La doctra Ramírez es psicóloga clínica, master en terapia de parejas.  Especialista en terapia congnitivo conductual para adolescentes y niños y doctora en educación y resiliencia humana. Escucha Bienestar Emocional los martes a las 10 am y 5 pm y los sábados a las 10:30 am, CT.

In “Café Salud y Vida”, Dr. Elena Navas interviews Javier Macías, Community Manager of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in Illinois, on blood cancers and new clinical treatments that have had very promising results to combat them. Cristina Paz gives us her testimony as a cancer survivor. Listen to “Café Salud y Vida” on Fridays at 10 am and 5 pm, CT