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Compartiendo la Cultura de la Inmensa Minoría

Compartiendo la Cultura de la
Inmensa Minoría

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Noemi is currently a registered nurse, board certified, facilitating services in the West Valley area of Phoenix, Arizona. She holds certification as a certified diabetes care and education specialist and has been providing such services for the last three years, thus serving her patients for a total of ten years.  
As an entrepreneur, she assists Roberto Ramirez in his various roles to support his efforts building the Latino community, whether it be through business or philanthropy. She also encourages the increase in community efforts to promote health and well-being as a fitness and nutrition enthusiast. She currently competes in the National Physique Committee’s various bodybuilding competition, where she holds several awards. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring Arizona with her husband, Isaac, and two children, Carlos and Dominic.