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Director of “Ciencia y Espiritualidad” Program

Nancy Pulecio Vélez, original from Bogotá, Colombia, is a composer a journalist and an author. She is former Consul General of Colombia in the City of Chicago, and has been president of Colombia Exterior, Inc. and creator of the International Award for Excellence Colombia Exterior for thirty one years. She was the founder of the nonprofit organization “Sueños sin fronteras” and now of the new 501C3 non-profit organization “Fundación Social Ciencia y Espiritualidad”.

As Consul General, Nancy celebrated for the first time, the Independence Day of Colombia 2010, at the Millennium Park, which is considered a state-of- the-art gathering spot located in the heart of the city of Chicago. She also developed successful initiatives with which she increased the regular services of the General Consulate in a 250%.

As creator of the first directory for the US-Colombian professionals and entrepreneurs, “Colombia Exterior” in 1985, she opened the doors to thousands of compatriots to participate as well, at the first Colombian fairs in Miami, such as: Expo Colombia-Miami, Expo Cartagena, Expo Salud Colombia, and the well-known International Award for Excellence Colombia

Exterior. This directory activity also generated for her the creation of the two non-profit 501C3 organizations Sueños sin fronteras and Fundación Social Ciencia y Espiritualidad. These two organizations to help and support the vulnerable children in Colombian Orphanages.

In 2014 Nancy Pulecio Vélez became the author of Las 4 Dimensiones del Amor, a book dedicated to: “Young people and all those who in their eagerness to love, forget to love themselves”, published by Penguin Group USA. Based on the story of a girl who married at age 13 had 3 children and was abandoned by her husband, Las 4 Dimensiones del Amor, aims to facilitate people to reconnect with themselves through their own divine essence. Recognize how the mismanagement of love can affect our professional and overall life forever. And finally obtain as a result the wise management of their feelings in a way that promotes true happiness, both internally and toward those around us. These feelings and knowledge generated the new program "CIENCIA Y ESPIRITUALIDAD" dedicated to identifying and managing our biological and intellectual states in order to achieve the best in our lives. In this program Nancy interviews international professionals who, with their deep knowledge, open the doors for us to find incredible answers.

Through her years of professional career, she has been recognized by: Sayco Society of Authors and Composers of Colombia, The City of Miami International Trade Board, the Latino Chamber of Commerce of the United States, CAMACOL, Metropolitan Dade County Florida,

Florida International University, The State of New York, Executive Chamber, County of Bergen, New Jersey, City of Doral, and most recently, the Tree of Life Organization Sumohano Ballados Victor in Mexico, among others. She currently lives in Chicago and is member of the CSO Latino Alliance Committee of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Member of the Stewardship Committee at Saint Vincent De Paul Parish, and member of the Board and communicator at the Spanish Public Media Foundation.