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Dr Sánchez-Cardona is a creator, researcher, and cultural and public media
manager. Professor-Researcher of the Autonomous Metropolitan University -where
she is currently head of the Department of Arts and Humanities (2015-2019)-, she
is also a professor of the Virtual University system of the University of Guadalajara.
He is a member of the National System of Researchers Level 1 [2019-2021], of the
Science, Art, and Complexity Program of the Center of Complexity Sciences (C3-
UNAM), and was an artistic member of the National System of Art Creators SNCA
[2015-2018]. She holds a degree in Hispanic American Literature from the
The University of Guadalajara, and she studied the Master and the Doctorate in Art at
the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She has a musical background (Music
Conservatory of the University of Guadalajara) and training in the field of cultural
radio and television and whose experience in the media led her to direct Radio
Universidad de Guadalajara (2008) and the Canal 22 International (2009-2013).
His research-creation projects operate in the field of transdisciplinarity and sound.
His works and installations have been presented at sound art festivals, as well as
in museums and galleries in Europe and the Americas. She is the author of the
books: Sonar. Navigation / Location of sound in artistic practices of the 20th
century (UAM: 2018), Electronic Samuel Beckett: Cochlear Samuel Beckett (UAM:
2016) and The Technological Epiphanies of Samuel Beckett: Machines of
Inscription and Audiovisual Manipulation (Bilingual edition Fonca: 2016 ). Recipient
of the First Prize in the Biennial of Borders (2014). She was the director of Samuel
Beckett Transdisciplinary International Congress of the Samuel Beckett Society
(Mexico City, November 7-10, 2018), is the founder of the Beckett-Mexico platform
and from January 2019 is a member of the Executive Committee of the Samuel
Beckett Society.
Sánchez-Cardona has specialized in university, cultural and public media. She has
collaborated with the Spanish Public Radio project since 2011 and has served as
an advisor to its President, Roberto Ramírez. She is a correspondent for Spanish
Public Radio in Mexico City.

+521 55 2888 7164
US: 350 W Erie Suite 100 Chicago Il 60654
MX: Citlaltépetl 8, 802 Col. Condesa
Del. Cuahtémoc CDMX 06100