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Director of The National Autonomous University of Mexico in Chicago

Dr. Laguna is a medical doctor who graduated from the School of Medicine at the National

University of México (UNAM). He pursued a master’s and doctoral degree in Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and University of Texas respectively.

At UNAM he is a professor at the School of Medicine and his main responsibilities have been, among other, Head of Clinical Instruction Evaluation Department and Head of the Professional Counseling Unit at the School of Medicine; Secretary of the Biological and Health Sciences Concil, Assistant Director of Academic Collaboration for the Graduate School at UNAM.

Outside of the university, Dr. Laguna has served as Assistant Director of research for the Department of Health Services for Mexico City, also as Planning Coordinator for the Inter-American Center for Studies on Social Security. He is a member of various associations, former Executive Director of the Mexican Counsel for Postgraduate Studies. He has published various publications on the quality of education, health services, public health and social security.

As of September 9, 2009, Dr. Laguna is the Director of UNAM Chicago Campus.